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Many independent telecommunications companies think all consultants are the same. They are not.

Alexicon Consulting is not your average, run-of-the mill consulting firm. We pride ourselves on providing not only traditional “cost” and regulatory consulting but also first-rate management, representation, financial, and marketing services.

It all starts with the way we view our role. Alexicon is a full management resource.  We believe our role is to help: (1) maximize profitability; (2) improve performance; (3) inform and advocate; and (4) transform your organization for the future.

Alexicon was formed in 2002 to serve the management consulting needs of independent telecommunications providers.  We currently provide services to companies in fourteen states.  Our clients benefit from our integrated, in-depth approach and broad knowledge base.  Alexicon can help you review and improve every business process; including strategic planning, analytics, budgeting, accounting, customer service, capital projects, employee training, product development, and much more.

Sound too good to be true?  Just ask any of our clients and they will tell you what Alexicon has done for them.

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